5 Steps To Get Rid of Stomach Bloating

To win the war against bloating it is vital to defeat the enemy, Candida, that is attacking us. And since the medical community largely ignores this condition, it is up to us to serve as the general leading the charge.

Like any good commander you've got to know your enemy's tactics. In the case of Candida, the enemy exploits 5 key weaknesses. They are:

  • A weak immune system
  • Plentiful nourishment for Candida
  • A suitable chemical setting
  • The right environment for Candida to metabolize
  • And the presence of toxins

Also, like all generals, you need to know the best strategies and use all the weapons in your arsenal. Taking the following 5 steps gives you the best chance for victory!

Step #1 - Reinforce Your Defenses

Your intestines are central to your immune system. They are also the first place a Candida infection targets. So, it makes sense that when your immune system is weakened Candida can flourish.

Fighting off Candida with a weak immune system is like defending a fort without guns and bullets. So, it is vital for you to boost your immune system and strengthen it against attack!

Step #2 - Put Candida Under Seige

Ask any general, and they'll tell you one of the oldest strategies in war is surrounding your enemy and cutting off their food supply so they starve to death!

Like any living creature Candida also needs to eat to survive, so this is the strategy used in Step #2. For this step, you must find out what Candida likes to eat and replace it with items your body likes but Candida doesn't.

Step #3 - Poison Candida

Step #3 uses another weapon that has been around forever, poison!

It is hard to believe that something so vital to your health is such a secret, but it's true. Candida and many other diseases are dependant on your body's chemistry.

You see, just like giving enemies arsenic, Candida can't survive in its fungal form when our body chemistry is correct. It poisons it.

Candida thrives in a very specific chemical range. Varying your chemistry by just a small amount has a huge impact on Candida's ability to survive.

Step #4 - Suffocate Candida by Gassing it

This step recognized that Candida needs to breathe to live. So, it uses the equivalent of mustard gas by taking away the element Candida needs to breathe to live.

By realizing that Candida in its fungal form doesn't use oxygen to breathe, you can fight it in two ways. First, you can flood its habitat with an element that is harmful for it breathe, and also deprive it of the element it does need to breathe.

Step #5 - Clean Up the Battlefield

OK, I've shared that Candida must eat and breathe to live. But it also does something else every living creature does. You got it! It excretes waste products of its own. And guess where they go, right inside your body.

Just as dead bodies on the battlefield breed infection and disease, Candida's wastes create toxins in our bodies that make our overworked systems even weaker.

So, for this last step you need to clean up your body by stopping the flow of toxins added to body from sources besides the ones Candida is already creating, and cleanse your body of toxins it now stores in hidden places.

Now you know the five key risk factors that cause Candida along with the best steps to remove them to get relief from stomach bloating.

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